Worldly Guest Chefs

Shelley Sims

Professionally trained and certified by the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. I work with people who have challenges around weight, overeating, binge eating, body image, and a number of health concerns such as digestion, fatigue, mood issues, and more. Trained in a highly unique and results-oriented approach to eating issues. It’s a holistic mind-body approach that integrates nutrition and psychology. Combined with over 20 years in the health industry working with hundreds of clients, I understand what it takes to succeed for the long term. If you are looking for a person who can listen so as to lead, to find what will help you uncover what is holding you back, please give me a call for a free discovery session. “It’s not just what we eat, but who we are as eaters.” Group Workshops, Online Coaching and In Person One on One Coaching Find me here:

Lela Perkins

Lela Perkins “Entertaining and fun-loving accurately describes Lela, who has applied her 25+ years of restaurant and catering experience to her position with Kitchenaid, as their Vancouver Island Retail Specialist. Cooking has always been a passion for Lela, who likes to combine rich, bold flavours with new recipes, using fresh, seasonal ingredients to create vibrant dishes.”

 Chef Cathie Hamilton

Chef Cathie is a culinary scientist who ran her own cooking school in New Zealand and has taught and inspired many over the years. She is also a fully certified food safe instructor and has developed all recipes used in her cooking classes. She has also created several recipes while working as the development chef for White Spot Restaurants. Cathie is no stranger to demonstration classes. She has presented several ethnic classes, including Greek, Thai, Tapas, Mexican and French, to cheese making, sausage making and pasta making. Cathie was the first Canadian to become a Certified Culinary Scientist. Her well-balanced, delicious menus show her professionalism and love of cooking.

Chef Peter Bowen

Peter Bowen is a certified Red Seal chef with over 25 years of experience in hospitality and culinary arts education. Chef  Peter specializes in creative west coast cuisine with strong classic roots. Peter’s cooking style has evolved from his breadth of experience in high-end lodges, bistro restaurants and teaching on Saltspring and Vancouver Island, he became a high-school culinary arts teacher in Cedar, BC. This led to his mission, “to teach as many people to cook as possible”.

Chef Jane Ireland

Jane Ireland grew up on a farm on the east coast of Vancouver Island. Her forays into the kitchen started young and her appreciation for freshly picked, locally grown food continues! Her career in the food industry has been an adventurous ride through restaurants, remote tree-planting camps, film sets and many stops at exotics ports aboard private and charter yachts. While not in the galley, Jane enjoys sharing meals and ideas with like-minded food lovers, photographing the local sights and reading everything she can get her hands on. Her time back on Vancouver Island is mostly spent in her garden and stomping through the rain forest.

Chef Angelo Prosperi-Porta

Angelo Prosperi-Porta
Photo by Gary Faessler – Angelo Prosperi-Porta has worked in some of Canada’s best fine-dining hotels and restaurants on Vancouver Island and in Whistler. In 1999, he and his partner, Ina Haegemann, opened Angelo’s Cooking School at Cooper’s Cove Guesthouse in Sooke, BC. His first book, Flavours of Cooper’s Cove Guesthouse, won multiple awards.

Iris Quinn

Iris Quinn
Iris Quinn, recently became a first-time author having completed a cookbook called SALIVATION. It was a yearlong labour of love. Get your copy of her signed book SALIVATION at the Worldly Gourmet Kitchen Store. Get to know Iris at  | Acting resume | Acting demo



Shamim Rampuri

Shamim Rampuri

Paula Maddison

Paula worked in the private mega yacht industry as a Chief Stewardess traveling the globe for over 10 years and moved to Gabriola Island in 1996. She has turned her hobby of cheese making into a fine art. Paula’s classes are a mix of hands-on and observation. Guests will enjoy the created cheeses and taste them in Paula’s local and International menus. Her classes are fun, informative and delicious. Students are guaranteed to walk away satisfied. To say Paula knows how to plan an event, throw a party or find her way around the kitchen would be an understatement. Visit Paula’s website.

Xavier Bonilla

Xavier Bonilla
Photo by Gary Faessler – Xavier Bonilla owner of Cherry Point Estate Winery is a paella master and paella competition winner. A rice dish cooked slowly with saffron, local seafood, meats and vegetables, paella is Spain’s most traditional dish. Visit Xavier’s Cherry Point Estate Winery.



Tricia Pearson

Tricia Pearson
CNP and nutritionist, Tricia demonstrates her philosophy of “change your plate, change your fate” with her inspired and humorous approach through workshops, cooking classes and meal planning. She provides edible advice on eating to prevent disease, rather than managing disease symptoms. Tricia has been a long-time advocate of holistic living. She focuses on empowering others to create vibrant health from the inside out, recognizing that each person is biochemically distinct and has unique nutritional needs.