LA PLANCHA® by ENO utilizes a smooth multi-layer enameled cast-iron surface for cooking foods. This style of cooking has been growing in popularity for years in France, as it meets consumers’ culinary expectations: rapid cooking, delicious taste, healthy alternatives and fat-free takes on outdoor classics and comfort foods. Initially designed for professionals, ENO created three consumer versions that are portable, flame and smoke-free and easy to clean. HEALTH CONSCIOUS – fat-free cooking thanks to the non-stick enameled cast iron cooking surface. Food does not come into contact with the flame. HIGH HEAT COOKING – delicious experiences and interesting textures, thanks to the heating power of (680° F) foods are seared– crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside, and keep their taste and visual appeal. EASY AND INVENTIVE COOKING – LA PLANCHA® is very versatile and can cook meats, vegetables, and fruit along with being able to accommodate sauce pans and boiling water. There is no compromising. – Fast and High Heat – Reached 680°F quickly and with even heat distribution. – Quality – Thick 1/4” multi-layered Enamel Cast Iron Plate with a 10-year warranty – Easy to Clean – Non-Stick – cleans with just water (No Chemicals).



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